Top UK firms bring most advanced technologies in agriculture

New Delhi [India], Nov.18 : The Department for International Trade (DIT) is leading a delegation of 6 British Agri-Tech companies at Agro-Tech trade show in Chandigarh from 19-22 November.

Agro-Tech, India's Premier Agro Technology and Business Fair, is organised by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture (and) Farmers Welfare, Along with a couple of other Ministries from the Government of India.

The UK is the 'Guest Country' in the 12th edition of Agro-Tech. The British delegation will join the British Pavilion at Agro-Tech show in International Pavilion. The British pavilion will showcase the UK's capabilities in Agri-Tech. The UK has one of the most reputed agricultural technology sectors in the world, having contributed to the Agricultural Revolution across the world.

David Lelliott, Deputy High Commissioner to Chandigarh said: "I am delighted to see this strong UK delegation participating in Agro-tech.

This year has seen a step change in our engagement with Punjab on Agri-tech, with the visit to UK of a Punjab Government delegation, followed by a series of visits and events here, including most recently the visit to Chandigarh earlier this month of the Tech Summit Agri-tech delegation as part of the programme of events surrounding the Prime Minister's visit.

The UK has high quality institutions and companies ready to provide the expertise and technology that Punjab needs, and the Deputy High Commission Chandigarh and Department of International Trade will continue to help them develop their relationships here." The DIT led delegation is being accompanied by Luis Mulet, Trade Specialist, UK Government's Agri-Tech Organisation and includes senior representatives from - 1.

Genus ABS - Genus ABS India is part of ABS Global, a division of Genus plc. They are world's leading provider of bovine genetics and reproduction services. Genus ABS India adopts its international standard for selection of bulls for semen production with regards to genetics and health standards.

Genus ABS India has started producing and marketing semen produced out of the bulls born through embryos imported from North America and gnomically testing them.

2. Aviagen - The Aviagen Group is the world's leading poultry breeding company, developing pedigree lines for the production of broiler chickens and turkeys.

Aviagen's successful and well-established genetic selection program consistently promotes continuous improvements in robustness and overall health while providing the birds with the highest quality care and welfare standards.

3. Platts - Platts Animal Bedding is a market-leading UK manufacturer and supplier of quality animal bedding, based in North Wales.

4. British Pig Association - Founded in 1884, The Association is the official breed society and maintains the Herd Books for top British breeds.

5. Aardra Systems- Aardra manufactures cost effective water management systems that safeguards water and power resources from being wasted.

The systems create a unique environment whereby plants and crops are adequately kept moist and watered to enable them to thrive and flourish.

6. Trantor International - Trantor International Ltd. (TIL) is a British-owned, private company that has created and developed new kinds of more energy-efficient and more productive farm tractors.

The Trantor Tractors enable users to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 40%, and increase labour productivity by more than 300%, whilst also being significant for the no-till farming system.

Fifty other top British companies ranging from Animal Science, Aquaculture, Plant Sciences and Precision Agriculture will be displaying their catalogues at the trade show.

The UK has three of the top five global universities, 20 percent of the workforce in science, over 100 science parks, well established Research and Development sites for multinational companies such as Syngenta, Zoetis and Bayer, and the world's best and most complete data-sets relevant to agriculture.

Source: ANI