Trade war will be harmful: China warns Trump

Beijing [China], Mar. 12 : Issuing a warning to US President Donald Trump, China has said that any trade war between the two countries will bring nothing but harm.

This warning was issued by China's Commerce Minister Zhong Shan on the sidelines of the Parliament session in Beijing amid concerns that Trump may hike tariffs against Chinese goods.

He said that cooperation is the only right choice and the two countries should work to enhance it and manage differences.

The Commerce Minister expressed the belief that the two countries will make the right judgment on the bilateral trade ties.

This was China's second warning against a possible trade war this week amid growing indications that Washington is determined to pursue a protectionist agenda.

Trump has accused China of resorting to unfair trade policies to steal American job opportunities, threatening to retaliate with massive tariffs if Beijing maintains the status quo.

Source: ANI