Traditional Afghani dresses, ornaments popular in Delhi

By Vinamrata Takia New Delhi, Aug.23 : Afghanistan is home to rich tradition, arts and crafts. Those Afghans who have migrated to other countries have been trying to preserve their rich culture. Mohammad Wasim is one among them, who has been selling traditional Afghani clothes and accessories in New Delhi.

A few years ago Wasim came to India with his family, he runs a shop of traditional Afghan dresses and ornaments in New Delhi.

"I have opened this shop two years ago. There are very less Afghani apparel shops exist in India so I thought that this might be a little different, a cloth and accessory shop.

Because there are several food shops and dry fruit shops but almost none for the clothing and jewelries".

Wasim informed. According to Wasim, there are two main traditional dresses. Gand-e-Afghani for women and Perahan tunban for men, both the dresses are significantly important for their culture and wore by people on occasions like marriages and festivals.

The Afghani ornaments are known for its beauty and precious stones. Wasim explains the exclusivity of some ornaments. The stones like lajward (lapis lazuli) are exclusively available only in Afghanistan. The stone was founded in the mines of northern Afghanistan. There were several beautiful jewelries spotted in his shop which was made from the Akik stone, this is one of the most precious and unique stone founded in Afghanistan.

The Afghani people make jewelries from it and women wear them as necklaces, bracelets and other accessories for weddings and parties.

The Afghani clothes and jewelries are handmade, so it takes several weeks to get the final product. This is the reason most of the clothes and ornaments are expensive. Wasim import all these clothes and ornaments from Afghanistan. He hopes to expand his business in India and promote traditional Afghani dresses and jewelries..

Source: ANI