Traffic safety week to ensure awareness among Kashmir youth

Srinagar, (Jammu and Kashmir), [India], Jan. 14 : Keeping in mind the benefit and safety of the people, the Kashmir traffic police authority has organised traffic safety week in the valley.

The traffic week began on January 9 and will conclude on January 15. Debates, workshops, seminars and other activities have been organised by the traffic department and non-government organisations.

The main purpose of this traffic safety week is to ensure awareness among the youth about the traffic rules and regulations.

There is an increase in the sale of cars and bikes at large scale and also the ratio of accidents are increasing due to the rough driving and lack of awareness about traffic rules.

The week-long event included walkathon, road shows, and installation of number of holdings on all roads aimed to aware people about the importance of wearing helmets, seat belts, proper parking and avoid rough driving.

The people of the valley looked very satisfied because of the event and they appreciate the authority to organise this type of programme for the safety of the people.

Source: ANI