Treebo Hotels to rescue people stuck in rains with ‘Treebo Pitstop’

New Delhi, Aug 4 : In light of the on-going traffic situation in cities of Delhi and Bangalore, Treebo Hotels has come to the rescue by kicking off a unique initiative, Treebo Pitstop.

Due to relentless rains in Bangalore and Delhi NCR, the traffic situation has deteriorated in the last two days with people having to wait in their vehicles for hours without relief.

With an aim to help the commuters, Treebo Pitstop presents an option for people of Delhi and Bangalore to battle this traffic situation to a bearable extent.

People stuck in jams can call on their helpline to locate the nearest Treebo hotel, deviate to the hotel and avail a space to stretch and rejuvenate for a few hours.

The initiative is valid for commuters till Saturday, August 6, 2016. Treebo Hotels has also released a list of Treebo Pitstop's on their social media page. "The idea is to help relax distressed riders and drivers, in line with our promise of providing travelers with a comfortable shelter anytime and anywhere," said Co-founder Treebo Hotels, Rahul Chaudhary.

Source: ANI