Tripura raises voice against rape through paintings

Agartala (Tripura) [India], Apr. 11 : In order to raise their voices in a silent manner against the rising rape incidents and menace of drug among youth, people along with the students of Art College, Tripura took part in road paintings and cartoon drawing under the name 'Hope Jagaran' here.

According to the protesters, they chose roads as their canvas so that the people get their message which otherwise does not get much importance in the mainstream media due to the state's geographical isolation.

They also expressed their dissatisfaction over the state government as not many measures have been taken to stop these growing threats.

One of the protesters Joydeep Chakraborty said, "Tripura ranks among the top three states in our country in rape incidents and the youth are engulfed by drug addiction.

So, we have organized to protest against these menaces with an intention to awaken the people of the state." "We want to know from the Chief Minister the official statement, what the government is thinking about these issues as the youth are not getting any message from the government.

So we are showing our protest to hear something from the government what step they are taking against these," he told ANI.

Meanwhile, another protester, Debajyoti Chakraborty said this is a protest against the increasing cases of women atrocity in the state.

"Almost every day, there few incidents of rape, murder in our state. Here, we along with the artist of Art College pass out are protesting with these paintings," he added.

Tripura is among the states that records the highest crime against women and on contrary, with the lowest conviction rate in India.

Source: ANI