True manifestation of Macao’s cultural vibrancy witnessed at 19th Lusofonia Festival

New Delhi [India], Nov. 5 : 'The City Of Duality' Macao, recently celebrated the highly anticipated 19th edition of the annual gala event, Lusofonia Festival.

Organized by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macau Government Tourist Office, the highly anticipated 19th Lusofonia Festival 2016 was held from October 28 to 30 at Casas - Museu da Taipa, with all the Portuguese-speaking communities of Macao.

The very first Lusofonia Festival was held on June 10 1998 on Portuguese National Day to honor Portuguese-speaking individuals residing in Macau who had contributed to Macau's development.

Held in front of the Taipa Houses-Museum, Lusofonia is the ideal place for families to indulge in the festive season bringing in people together from various countries and regions.

The 19th Lusofonia Festival 2016 showcased culture and cuisine with authentic food, drinks, and handicrafts from Portuguese-speaking countries around the world.

Known for providing a true, popular festive atmosphere, the Lusofonia Festival perfectly demonstrated the vibrancy of Macao as an international tourism city in the heart of Asia, which has retained the rich culture of its Portuguese-speaking communities.

Source: ANI