Trump a lunatic, racist, anti-nationality, say voters ahead of counting

Philadelphia [United States], Nov. 8 : Some Americans queuing up to vote for the next President of the United States don't seem to be too enthusiastic about Republican nominee Donald Trump being the next occupant of the White House.

Talking to ANI in Philadelphia on the sidelines of a rally addressed by President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, Doura, a voter when asked whether America is ready for a woman president, said "Yes I think they are." Replying to another question as to why it has taken America so long to elect a woman president if they do elect one tomorrow, she said, "I think because there are lot of white men who support her opponent, and they just have not let it happen yet." On why people are coming out to vote in such large numbers, Doura said, "I think people are scared.

They don't want her (Hillary's) opponent to win. So I'm sure they will come because he is crazy, he is a lunatic, he is racist and he is anti nationality." When asked what her reaction would be should Donald Trump win and how she would feel as a Hillary suppoerter, Doura said, " I am gona wanna leave the country if he wins." Gladys Evans, when asked if America is ready for a woman President, said, "Are you serious, you want them to have a drug addict as the president, like Trump." When asked what her reaction would be if Trump wins, she said, "He is not going to win, you know, I know and everybody knows.".

Source: ANI