Trump not planning to ‘immediately’ appeal travel ban halt to Supreme Court

Washington D.C. [United States of America], Feb. 11 : The United States (U.S.) President Donald Trump's administration is not currently planning to appeal the decision blocking its travel ban to the Supreme Court.

As per the CNN, the White House is reportedly examining several other options to save Trump's executive order on immigration.

They are said to be still considering issuing a reworked executive order. In the aftermath of the federal appellate court's decision to block Trump's move to ban citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the country, Trump took to Twitter and expressed he would continue the fight in court.

The White House, hence, is working on possible modifications to the executive order or writing a new order all-together.

The new order would be better tailored than the one issued two weeks ago such as stating that it does not apply to legal permanent residents, a source said as quoted by the CNN; though, nothing has been confirmed.

The development comes after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift of temporary restraining order on Trump's executive order barring foreign nationals from Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen from entering the U.S.

for 90 days, all refugees for 120 days, and refugees from Syria indefinitely..

Source: ANI