Trump vows to build ‘great wall’

Washington D.C. [USA], March 1: President Donald Trump in his address to Congress made repeated reference to the "great wall" that he had promised to build on the southern border of the US.

Trump once again talks about the great wall that his administration will soon build. "By enforcing immigration regulations, we will make our communities safer for everyone," he said. He also said that his administration will stop drugs from pouring into America and poisoning youth. "we will expand treatment for those who have become addicted," he added. Throughout his election, Trump repeatedly promised to build a wall and "make Mexico pay for it". But since he took office he has walked back that plan - suggesting that he will instead take the money from the wall from US taxpayers and then get it recouped from the Mexican government.

He appeared to retreat even further on that plan in his first speech to congress, making no mention at all of his promise to have Mexico pay for the wall.

Source: ANI