Trump’s win means good news for India, says UK solicitor

London [United Kingdom], Nov.10 : A London-based solicitor, Sarosh Zaiwalla, has said that Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election in the United States is and will be good news for India.

In a statement issued by his office, Zaiwalla said,"The election of Donald Trump reflects the power and voice of ordinary people of the United States.

The ordinary majority throughout the world has now become enlightened and do not want wars and continuation of old style politics.

For this reason I welcome election of Donald Trump as President of United States." He further stated, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi now has to establish a connection with Trump and I expect either of them to call on the other very soon; and I am confident they should find common ground in discussing issues, including terrorism, trade and security." Regarding the India-UK relations and Prime Minister Theresa May's recent India visit, Zaiwalla said, "On any platform of bilateral dialogue with the UK, India has always raised its concerns with the immigration norms; the issue is of upmost importance on India's agenda and the country has been repeatedly citing the near 50 percent drop in UK university admissions in its arguments.

However, this is not in India's larger interest as it would be in India's interest to avoid further brain drain young intelligent minds out of India.

In fact the new British immigration rules will ensure that fine Indian Brians after qualifying in British university will return to India to make India great again" Speaking about a possible trade pact between India and the UK, Zaiwalla said, "Britain's keen interest in India is expected to bear fruit - Mahatma Gandhi when asked by the British Viceroy " Mr Gandhi what do you want? " Gandhiji replied " I want British to leave India as rulers and return as partners" A trade pact between Britain and India will mark a new chapter in relations between the two nations which would be in keeping with the Gandhian vision.

Even though Britain's shaky economic and political landscape has prepared the nation to seek opportunities universally, the positioning of India as the initial choice does not come as a surprise - the world's fastest growing economy witnessed a soft decline in direct trade with the UK in the last 4 quarters but expert forecast points out that this number is set to double within the next 4 years - with a trade pact agreed upon during the bilateral trip.

Key interest areas of Indian exports such as IT, software and healthcare are likely to witness a boost, while Britain will possibly seek concessions in export of financial services for which India is quite likely to endow preferential deals.".

Source: ANI