Truuth, range of all dietary supplements launch in India

New Delhi [India], Sept. 28 2016: The first offline-online fast moving health goods (FMHG) brand, Truuth launches its dietary supplements in India.

With the objective of fulfilling nutritional gaps, Truuth products will address wide-spread micronutrient and protein deficiencies that are resulting in a deteriorating public health profile.

The company has invested 100 crore in the new venture. Studies and surveys have found that within the Indian population nearly 75 percent of the people show alarming levels of vitamin deficiency while 80 percent are considered "clinically protein deficient".

Poor eating habits, stressful lifestyle, harmful dietary behaviour and depleting nutritive values in foods have added to nutritional deficiency in the market.

Vitalic Nutrition Raghunandan S said, "With Truuth we aim to be the go-to brand for all dietary supplements.

You can walk up to the nearest chemist and pharmacy, and buy Truuth products off the shelf or order online.

For now, 20-plus Truuth products will be available in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This also signals the start of our market consolidation plan across the region." Adding, "We are targeting sales revenue of approximately Rs 350 crore in four years, and plan to fulfil our mission to expand and become the market's largest and most valuable nutritional brand.

India has one of the highest per capita rates for diabetes, cardiac disease, cancer and obesity cases in the world.

Many of these diseases and the conditions that worsen these diseases, can often be traced back to the absence of required micronutrients in people's daily diets.

With our cost-effective and exhaustive product range, we aim to make it both easy and affordable for consumers to make daily supplementation a relevant preventive healthcare technique and their best new habit." Poised to transform the wellness sector in India,Truuth is the flagship brand of Vitalic Nutrition, a division functioning under the aegis of Vital Health Private Limited.

Pradeep Dadha, Founder (and) CEO, Vitalic Health Private Limited, said, "Given the thousands of nutritional supplements available in the market, it is a challenge for consumers to select the best and the most effective.

Truuth is the Indian brand of vitamin and mineral supplements you can rely upon for safety, purity and efficacy.

AtTruuth, we are driven by revolutionary nutrition technology. The variety of formulations are built on the bedrock of nutritional science customised for consumer needs.

Try Truuth, feel the difference in just 30 days!" The Truuth FMHG range includes vitamin and mineral supplements for overall health and vitality.

The affordable assortment will address the nutritional needs across age groups, including senior citizens, children - infants and minors -- as well as adults.

The supplements, for beauty as well as preventive healthcare, include specialty medicines for bones and joints, the heart, the brain, as well as pre- and post-natal wellbeing.

Consumers can also avail Truuth's unique probiotics, pro-omega and sports nutrition supplements..

Source: ANI