TV actor Arjun Bijlani returns in a music video with ‘repeat value’

Mumbai, Sep 17 : Arjun Bijlani is the latest TV star to feature in a music video. He has shared what makes the video different from most other songs.

The song, "Ishq tanha", is sung by Siddharth Bhavsar, and Arjun feels the number has repeat value.

"This is a beautiful story woven in a song.

The old classic songs had repeat value, but that stopped happening with time. Now, not many songs have that but I feel 'Ishq tanha' has a strong repeat value," claimed Arjun.

The "Ishq Mein Marjawan" actor added his fans are excited about his return in a music video.

"Ever since lockdown started, I haven't been on screen. They were really excited. Since it's a music video, I didn't have to shoot for many days," he said.

Actress Reem Shaikh is paired opposite Arjun in the video.



Source: IANS