TV actor Fahmaan Khan wanted to be a cricketer

Mumbai, Aug 4 : Fahmaan Khan says he wanted to be a cricketer to begin with, and his original aspiration in life was never to be an actor.

Fahmaan, who is seen on the show, "Mere Dad Ki Dulhan", said: "I wanted to be a cricketer at some point.

I still think cricket is my first love, but things didn't unfold that way for me."

Interestingly, he was always part of drama groups in school and college.

"I believe I was performing every day, performing characters at home and school, in different situations of life.

I used to change small characteristics and enjoy people's reactions to them. I love performing arts, I enjoy the various small traits and characteristics you can add with your imagination while executing them," he said.

He now looks forward to playing versatile characters.

"I want to play characters that aren't me.

I would like to play intense characters or a character that speaks through his eyes. There are so many such characters that I've watched. One of them being Sidharth Malhotra's character in 'Ek Villian'. That character had so much potential. I would love to play that. It had the potential of becoming the next 'Angry Young Man' of the industry," he said.



Source: IANS