TV star Farnaz Shetty recalls being called for fake casting call

Mumbai, March 9 : Actress Farnaz Shetty, known for her roles in shows such as "Balika Vadhu", "Ek Veer Ki Ardaas..Veera" and "Siddhi Vinayak", reveals she was once a victim of fake casting call and escaped a bad experience.

"I was a teenager, a student, and misguided.

What I thought was an audition call for commercials turned out to be something else. I got to know the truth after I went for the audition. They were conmen with ulterior motives. I was lucky enough to escape the situation without distress, but that day I learnt a lesson and promised myself not to fall for such casting calls that are not authorised," Farnaz tells IANS.

Later when she joined the industry, she discovered people here are thorough professionals.

"I agree there are some bad people in our industry but then such people exist everywhere.

You must avoid them and continue working. Also, I feel one would never face any such issue unless they are doing anything out of their own will," she says.

The piece of advice that Shetty wants to share with newcomers is that they should avoid showing desperation.

"That actually makes you fall into the trap of wrong doers.

These people sense this desperation and target you. Just concentrate on your skills, stay patient and focused. There are many casting agencies that welcome new talents. Try and reach out to them," she says.

The actor feels all these discussions around issues in showbiz would definitely bring about the much required changes.

Farnaz is currently busy with her next film. "I'm working on a Telugu film and just a few steps away from starting my new journey," she says.



Source: IANS