Tweeple laud man driving over a log of wood

New Delhi, Feb 10 : A video which is making rounds on social media has left netizens shocked and amazed over the driving skills of a man who drove his car over a log of wood to escape a long narrow channel cut into the ground at the side of a field.

Taking to Twitter, a man posted a video of a person that safely drove his car, balancing on the log of wood in the fields to escape a gorge.

He captioned the video "Driving skill par excellence... I vail my HAT in his honour..."

Meanwhile, another person, reportedly in the front could be heard giving instructions to the driver.

Reacting to the post a user wrote "That is some serious skills! Respect."

Another commented: "That was just an impossible task..hats off."

"Necessity of circumstance can sometimes force us to conjure up skills and courage that we even don't know exist within us," said a user.

Appreciating the skills a user commented, "Wow stunning."

Giving a Thumbs up, a user wrote "Omg, how did he do that, superb."

"This is the best example of a great team effort, 1st the one who is acting as eyes to the driver is one stand in front n gives an accurate series of instructions, 2nd the driver whose understanding n executing it to perfection, 3rd the invisible trust n beliefs they shared.

Wow," a user commented, "Heart still thumping... Boom! Boom! Boom!"



Source: IANS