Tweeple take note of Rep lawyer’s grocery bag at impeachment hearing

Washington, Dec 10 : A lawyer representing the Republicans in the ongoing impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump before the House Judiciary Committee has come under social media spotlight after he was seen carrying a reusable grocery bag to the hearing.

Stephen Castor was caught on camera while carrying a reusable Fresh Market grocery store bag and walking into the Longworth committee room and taking out legal documents from it on Monday.

The GOP attorney's action got the Internet abuzz, with Twitter users wondering why he did not show up at the high-profile hearing with a briefcase.

The bright green bag had the words 'live, eat, shop, reuse' written on its side, with pictures of bread on front and back.

Many social media users wondered if the bag indicated a subliminal dig at Trump, who's said to be critical of Whole Foods owner Jeff Bezos.

A user posted a clipping of Castor arriving for the hearing while carrying the reusable bag and wrote: "Is Steve Castor really the best lawyer Republicans could find to defend Trump in the impeachment hearings?" The post got 671 retweets and 3.7K likes.

One user replied: "At least his purse matches his shoes..."

Another post read: "That's a (Dollar) 64 question?"

One user remarked: "You know he is getting some sort of payoff for giving Whole Foods that commercial."

"I really expected him to unpack Tupperware and lay out a picnic," commented a user.

"He's the only lawyer they have that is willing to throw their career away," commented another user.

One post read: "Somebody needs a briefcase for Christmas."

One said: "Looks like he just returned from the Farmers Market!"



Source: IANS