Twitter users praise woman spiker breastfeeding her baby

New Delhi, Dec 10 : A Twitter post of a woman spiker breastfeeding her baby during a volleyball match in Mizoram earned her praise from Twitter users.

One user posted the picture of the woman player sitting on a chair while feeding the infant and wrote: "Feeding her 7-month-old baby during interval of a volleyball match at the inauguration day of Mizoram State Games 2019, a spiker from Tuikumin in Serchhip district, Lalventluangi, expressed happiness over her team's victory in their first match."

Twitter users praised the woman athlete, with one user dubbed her a supermom and posted: "She prepared herself, yet again, for sport after just seven months of childbirth! Doesn't matter the level of competition, You're awesome, champ."

Another said: "Salute to this fighter cum sportswoman cum mother."

Another user did not approve of the picture: "Should not have clicked her".



Source: IANS