Twinkle-Akshay tickle funny bones on KJo’s couch

New Delhi [India], Nov.14 : The second episode of Karan Johar's chat show with the Khiladi of Bollywood and his Mrs.

Funnybones was a laughter riot! 'Koffee With Karan 5.0' is a season of debuts as Twinkle graced KJo's couch for the first time who managed to tickle our funny bones with her wit and sense of humor.

The star couple talked about their 'fling' to what resulted in their marriage and how Karan's first crush was Twinkle Khanna.

So if you've missed the episode, here are some fun moments to sum up the show: -Akki-Tina's 'fling': The 49-year-old actor was linked to a lot of actresses in 90's and so their relationship was also supposed to be just a 'fling' because Twinkle always wanted to have one.

The relationship started in Calgary when she thought he's a "Six feet of chocolate ice cream!" -Flop film resulted in marriage: When the 'Airlift' actor proposed marriage to Twinkle Khanna, she said she will marry him on one condition, that is, if her movie 'Mela' flops.

The film flopped and Twinkle said yes. -Twinkle's research before marriage: Apparently, Akshay's missus did a lot of research on his family background.

No, not in terms of money but his family health! The sole reason being that Mrs. Khiladi wanted healthy kids without any genetic diseases. Even the 'Rustom' star admitted that it is better to check family trees than kundlis! -KJo's first love Twinkle: Karan agreed on the show that at some point he believed he was in love with Twinkle, to which she replied, "I had testosterone 11 and a moustache and that's why you thought I was hot." -The Romantic moment: The couple gave us major relationship goals in the whole episode.

Akki, who was joined by Raghav Sachar, sang the couple's favourite song 'Strangers at Nights' which overwhelmed his better half.

It does not end there! Both Akshay and Twinkle even had a short romantic dance together! What happened next was hilarious.

Akshay and Karan too, broke into a ball dance together to which KJo said, "I love you Akshay and I am sad I didn't get to marry you." -Sizzling Rapid Fire: Twinkle effortlessly handled KJo's questions and even managed to take a dig at the host himself when he asked her the meanest thing she has heard about her writing.

To which she said, "Karan Johar is the new Mrs Funnybones. I didn't want my standards to go down." Twinkle even talked about how her husband has some extra inches, which other Khans don't have.

Well, we would have been disappointed if Tina had lost this round! The couple's humorous side definitely resulted in an epic show, setting high standards for all the other guests who would be gracing the couch in the episodes to come! On a related note, Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan are all set to sip 'Koffee With Karan' next week.

Source: ANI