Twitterati not amused over Rahul’s ‘Savarkar’ remark

New Delhi, Dec 14 : As Congress leader Rahul Gandhi refused to applogise for his "Rape in India" comment and said his name was not (Veer) Savarkar and hence never apologise for speaking the truth, netizens trolled him on Twitter using #RahulSavarkar hashtags.

#RahulSavarkar trended with over 18K tweets.

One user commented: "You never will be "Rahul Savarkar"! Savarkar ji faced 27 years of jail.

Whereas, Rahul ji, you probably spent 27 years in foreign lands enjoying pleasures.

Another user wrote: "Savarkar ji spent his life for Bharat Mata; whereas you are wasting your life in demeaning her."

One Twitter user remarked: "He can't survive for even 27 days in the Cellular Jail...."

One Twitter user said that Rahul Gandhi should have by now accepted that the party's Bharat Bachao rally in Delhi during the day was in fact an effort to save his party and to check on who all still supported it.

One user supported the Congress leader: "Everyone knows what both are.

Rahul Gandhi didn't say anything wrong."

One user posted: "God help the delusional."



Source: IANS