U.S. Elections: ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ is the choice

By Smita Prakash Washington D.C. [United States], Nov.3 : Actress Susan Sarandon articulated on CNN what most Americans are thinking now.

Just vote for least 'unliked'. With less than a week to go for Armageddon, Americans are frustrated with the choice they have: Two evils.

Hillary Clinton has a wafer thin edge over Republican rival Donald Trump, receiving the support of 45 percent of likely voters compared to 42 percent for Trump.

But that is just one poll. America is inundated with polls and analysis, but 'She' is now less likely to win than she was last week.

Trump has made yet another come back, something that was unimaginable after 'PussyGate'. Black Friday did it. The bombshell of announcement by the FBI that it would review further emails from Hillary Clinton in connection with the private email server made 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue become that much farther for the Democratic nominee.

Scandals and negative campaigns by and about both candidates have shocked and disgusted voters. Many are put off to even trudge up to voting centres to cast their ballots. President Obama, hitting the campaign trail for his former Secretary State of State, says that the fate of the republic is in the hands of new voters who hold the key for giving that extra edge that Hillary desperately needs.

Young people and African-Americans need to get out and vote for Clinton if she is to be the first woman president of the United States.

President Obama is doing his bit of fear mongering about what America could become if Trump were to be president.

In North Carolina he said, "I hate to put the pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders." It is all about his legacy.

Not just health care of economy. Even the precious White House garden. "I guarantee you he'll dig up Michelle's garden," said the U.S. President in a television interview. But to the people of America, does the White House garden matter? Does it matter if it is uprooted or not? If a Trump Presidency undoes all that Obama has done in the past eight years? Nobody quite knows.

There are so many mixed messages. The nastiness in each and every advertisement makes people want to to tune out politics altogether. The candidates realise this. Speeches are seeing a subtle turn. Trump and Clinton have turned into cajoling voters not to get turned off. Hispanic and African voters are being told that the choice could not be clearer. "Trump is temperamentally unfit of being Commander-in-Chief," said President Obama in Florida a few hours ago to rousing cheers.

But Trump seems pretty sure he is. "Stay on course" he told himself aloud last night and his supporters went wild in supportive chorus. She has got to go say some voters. They have had enough of the Clinton's. On the other hand 'Her' supporters say 'He' can be baited by a tweet, 'He' can't be President. "He never hangs out with working class people unless they are mowing his lawn. He hangs out with celebrities," accused President Obama. But the fact is that not just Trump; even Clinton is rarely seen with working class people. She too is around the rich and powerful. So, what is the choice? Two evils. Choose the lesser one. They are both now appearing to be lying, deceiving fakes. Which one lies lesser, deceives less blatantly, somebody who is smart and will hopefully tell fewer lies when in the White House.

Candidates are now persuading voters not to sit this one out. Experts on television have been analysing who will benefit with a low voter turn out. Many undecided voters have decided to tune out political messages for the remaining five days so as to extricate themselves from negative politics and make a choice borne out of information they now possess and have filtered.

(By Smita Prakash).

Source: ANI