U.S. Vice-Prez vows to use ‘all legal means at disposal’ to reinstate immigration ban

New York [USA], Feb. 6 : U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence has vowed to use 'all legal means at disposal' to protect Americans while saying that the federal judge who halted President Donald Trump's temporary immigration ban 'made the wrong decision'.

"From the outset of his campaign and administration, the president of the United States has made it clear to put the safety of the American people first.

We are going to win this argument," Pence told Fox News on Sunday. Trump signed an executive order on January 27 that suspended immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries including Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days, suspended the U.S.

refugee program for 120 days and indefinitely halted Syrian refugees from entering the nation. The order followed his argument that radical Islamic terrorism poses a major threat to Americans' safety.

On Friday, a federal judge in Seattle imposed a temporary restraining order on the ban, in response to a case filed last week by Washington state and Minnesota challenging Trump's constitutional authority to unilaterally impose such a ban.

On Saturday night, a federal appeals court also denied a Trump administration request to lift the restraining order and allow the immigration ban to continue.

"Under statutory law and under the Constitution, that authority belongs to the President," Pence also said Sunday.

Pence also supported the new sanctions Trump imposed on Iran after the country last week launched a medium-range ballistic missile.

"They have flouted the U.N. security resolution. What we are seeing here is a hostile action, belligerent action, taken by the Iranians. And we just are not going to put up with it anymore," he said..

Source: ANI