UK-based jewellery brand is here to tell its Delhi story

New Delhi [India], Apr 17 : Jewels by JADAU, a UK-based jewellery brand, is introducing its Delhi story via their new collection, 'Murtaza.' Stunning new pieces will be on display at the Egg Art Gallery on April 17, 2017 7:00 pm onwards, assimilating two forms of art - jewellery and fine art.

In addition, on the same occasion, amongst a selected few, JADAU will launch its Pret Line - ready to wear understated pieces.

Introduced by the Mughals, who have inspired legends with their opulence, and enhanced by the finesse and perseverance of Indian jewellery makers, JADAU marks an evolution of elegance passed down through the country's rich and vibrant history.

JADAU ornaments, once the ideal choice for Indian royalty, is famous for its ornate design and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The intricate touches and the glittering stones, chiselled with passion and precision, speak much of its journey through Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Kanwal Toor is no outsider in the world of diva and fashion. Crowned the Femina Miss India in 2001, she represented India at the Miss International in the same year.

She juggles an impressive routine as a mother, social activist, and a fashion designer. In late 2016, she unveiled her collection under the nomenclature, JADAU by Kanwal Toor. Jewels by JADAU features intricate handmade jewellery that is embedded with precious and semi-precious stones in various metals.

It symbolizes her affinity to the Indian heritage and is the manifestation of a lifetime drifting through ramps, and gracing shows.

Each piece in the JADAU collection has a unique story to tell. From designers' imagination, to the craftsmen's hands and finally, adorned by the wearer, each piece travels through thousands of miles and two different continents before it takes shape as an original JADAU piece.

Source: ANI