Unemployment biggest worry after Covid for urban Indians: Survey

New Delhi, Aug 6 : As the ongoing pandemic hits the Indian economy hard and the employment scenario worsens with large scale job losses, an Ipsos survey shows that unemployment is the second biggest worry for urban Indians, after the concern over novel coronavirus infection.

According to the survey, the top issues perturbing urban Indians include COVID-19 in the first place, followed by unemployment.

The other worries which follow are financial and political corruption, poverty and inequality, and healthcare.

The sentiments are largely the same globally with novel coronavirus and unemployment emerging as the top two concerns.

The other issues which concern people globally are poverty and social inequality, financial and political corruption, crime and violence and healthcare, said an Ipsos statement.

"Largely, the worries of global citizens are a lot similar to what urban Indians are experiencing, though concern around coronavirus and lack of jobs is far more pronounced for urban Indians.

COVID-19 scare for India is far from over and it is collaterally impacting jobs, standard of living, healthcare cost and there is fear of corruption levels going up as things continue to be in a state of flux, said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos in India.



Source: IANS