Unions Minister’s invite Twitter quips over onion remarks

New Delhi, Dec 5 : Soon after the Union Finance Minister invited quips from Twitterati over her "use of onions and garlic", her cabinet colleague Ashwini Choubey too courted controversy over the issue.

A clipping of Choubey was retweeted by Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Sitaram Yechury, in which the Minister was heard saying since he was a vegetarian and never tasted onions how could he know its price.

The post received 702 retweets and 2.2 thousand likes.

Yechury wrote on @SitaramYechury: "The only thing more alarming than this government's inability to control prices of onions is the callousness of Modi and his Ministers.

The PM is 'maun', and his Ministers can't stop revealing their contempt for Indians by talking about their own diets."

One user commented, "At least he is answering sensibly.

Gravity and onions are laughable. If this continues the people in their constituencies would disown them."

Replying to @SitaramYechury, one user tweeted, "And their ignorance..better stop these guys from speaking. As we peel the onions and we see emptiness, people in their constituencies are walking in shame."

"Now, onions come under non-vegetarian category," wrote another user.

While one user criticised the CPM leader and questioned, "For onions, how many parties have you blamed since the time you are in politics.

Each year you are doing this," the other questioned his silence over alleged fake encounters.

"Did you utter a single word when prices of onions were even higher than present under the UPA rule," one user asked the veteran leader.

However, one Twitter user had an advise for people, "I have stopped eating onions. The countrymen too should do the same. When there is no demand, why would the hoarders store their onions?"



Source: IANS