Unregistered HCWs, FLWs can get Covid jab on site

New Delhi, March 7 : Health care and frontline workers who were not registered on CoWIN portal for vaccination can now avail it offline after procuring proof of employment from their workplaces.

The government has outlined a standard operating procedure in this regard, mentioned in an order issued by Delhi Health Department, officials said.

The order issued on March 5, and circulated late evening on Saturday, stated that "the government of India has issued detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for vaccination of healthcare workers (HCWs), frontline workers (FLWs) not registered on CoWIN".

The order cited "the state has been receiving requests for HCWs and FLWs who could not be registered" as a reason behind the latest SOP drawn by the Centre.

As per the order, those unregistered on CoWIN will have to certify themselves from relevant authorities (employer, councils) to receive the vaccine shots.

Such beneficiaries would be registered on-site for the vaccination, officials added.

"The healthcare workers (HCWs) of a health facility where the Covid-19 vaccination centre (CVC) is located can be vaccinated at the centre itself after certification of them being HCWs by the medical superintendent or facility in-charge.

They shall be entertained after completion of vaccination of beneficiaries with scheduled appointments," the order said.

However, HCWs of public or private health facilities where the CVC is not located, can be vaccinated at the designated CVCs, upon furnishing proof of their being a healthcare worker in a prescribed format duly signed and stamped by the health facility in-charge, it added.

In case of unregistered FLWs, vaccination can be done at the designated CVCs upon furnishing proof of their being an FLW in the prescribed format duly signed and stamped by the senior officer deputed by the FLW authority for issuing the certificate.

"Further, the FLW group shall designate an officer to be present at these dedicated sites for verification of the FLW status.

These beneficiaries shall be registered on-site," the order read.

Meanwhile, standalone medical practitioners and paramedics can show their MCI/DMCI relevant council registrations and get vaccinated whereas support staff of the private establishments, hospitals, clinic in-charge will have to certify them being HCWs in the prescribed format, the order said.

The national capital achieved the highest single-day inoculation so far on Saturday where over 33,000 beneficiaries received shots of Covid-19 vaccines.

The figure is the highest achieved in a single day since the start of the inoculation exercise on January 16.

Meanwhile, second doses were given to 7,132 people, officials said, adding that 3,769 frontline workers and 2,274 healthcare workers were also vaccinated.



Source: IANS