US issues ‘threat warning’ to citizens travelling to Saudi Arabia

Washington, July 22 : Issuing a fresh warning to its citizens travelling to Saudi Arabia, especially Jeddah, the United States has advised them on the potential security issues, urging them to be vigilant as they travel. The US State Department said on Thursday that the information of 'potential, imminent threat' was 'credible' and 'serious' enough to issue a security message. The US embassy in Saudi Arabia has received reports of a "potential, imminent threat" against the US citizens in areas of the Jeddah city frequented by westerners. "It's a security message, not a travel warning that our consulate put out in Jeddah. Obviously, our consulate felt that the information they had was credible enough, serious enough to warrant sending that message out immediately," the State Department spokesman, John Kirby, told a briefing. When asked about the specific time period for which the warning has been issued, Kirby said, "There wasn't a time limit put on it, nor do I think we would want to do that right now, just as we continue to try to get more situational awareness on the threat. But we felt that the information was credible enough and specific enough that it warranted an immediate security message."