US troops abandoned weapons during clash with ISIS in Afghanistan

New York, Aug. 10 : The Pentagon has acknowledged that U.S. troops abandoned equipment and weapons after they came under fire from ISIS fighters during recent operations in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon had previously indicated that photos of the military items that surfaced on internet by ISIS this weekend were in all likelihood American.

Brigadier General Charles Cleveland, chief spokesman for the US-led anti-ISIS coalition said that the U.S.

troops came under effective enemy fire in eastern Afghanistan on July 25, reports CNN. He added the clash forced them to abandon their position and led to some of their equipment being captured by ISIS.

The photos which surfaced on internet depict ammunition, fabric packs and possibly a shoulder-fired rocket launcher of the type used by U.S.

forces. The U.S. troops had been in combat against ISIS in Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province, which is the stronghold of the militant group.

Source: ANI