Uzbekistan baby undergoes liver transplant at Noida hospital

Noida, Oct 24 : Doctors here gave a new lease of life to a three-and-a-half-month old baby from Uzbekistan who was suffering from high-risk end-stage liver disease.

Baby Yusuf was suffering from an extremely critical condition where scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue and stops the liver from working normally.

Doctors at Jaypee Hospital in Noida conducted live Donor Liver Transplant, called as Hyper, to save his life.

Hyper transplant is a complicated surgical procedure to reduce the size of the selected portion of the donor's liver to meet the requirement of receiver's body.

At two-and-a-half months of birth, Yusuf started to develop an abdominal swelling due to accumulation of fluid in the belly.

He was having regular fever and his liver was at the verge of failing, making his survival virtually impossible without transplant at risk.

The required medical and healthcare facilities for liver treatment were not available in Uzbekistan.

"At admission, his jaundice was recorded more than 32 mg/dl where as the value in normal person is less than 1.5.

His entire body turned pale and yellow in colour," Abhideep Chaudhary, Senior Consultant at Jaypee, said in a statement.

Yusuf was also detected with recurring infections thus, antibiotics were provided to clear them out.

He was also provided with immunosuppressive medication to control the immunity to prevent rejection of liver.

"We took our son to many hospitals in Uzbekistan but due to lack of International standard medical facilities, none of the doctors were able to detect the problem or agreed to take up the case of my son.

Every day the health condition of my son was deteriorating," said Feruza Dadaeva, mother of the baby.



Source: IANS