Vaani Kapoor: Want to build something in health and nutrition space

Mumbai, March 4 : Actress Vaani Kapoor said that she wants to build something of her own in the health and nutrition space in future.

"Holistic lifestyle has been a part and parcel of my life even before I made my debut in Bollywood.

I have always wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle and working out and eating right was always a top priority for me.

I want to build something of my own in the health and nutrition space in the coming years and I have been researching the same for years now," Vaani said.

"I want to actively promote and raise awareness about how important health is among the citizens of my country.

Being healthy should be a top priority for us all, at all times. It really doesn't take much to ensure that we are eating right and living right and I want to engage with people on the same," she said.

Vaani said she has many great ideas and will be working round the clock to envision the feasibility of these ideas.

"I have many exciting ideas on this but it's too premature for me to speak openly about it. As of now, I'm concentrating on being the best version of myself every single day and to showcase that to the people so that when I decide to start on my health journey, they will be convinced about it," she said.

"I have to walk the talk and set examples for people to believe in my vision and I want to do just that for now," said the actress, who has three back-to-back releases lined up over the next few months -- Bellbottom, Shamshera, and Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui.



Source: IANS