Vaibhav Yadav, a young novelist in making

New Delhi [India], May 11 : Not all heroes are exalted, some don't even realise they are heroes and there are some who need to be applauded for their unassuming gallantry.

Meet Vaibhav Yadav, a final year student of History honours at the prestigious Delhi University's Ramjas College.

The 20-year-old came to Delhi University for his higher studies and was content being the regular college going boy until he started noticing changes in the environment.

It was in his final year that he largely noticed the tension in the college campus diluting the environment.

He believed that the best way to make a lasting contribution was through this book titled, "Ramjas : The Aazadi Episode".

Alarming as it may seem when the temple of learning becomes a breeding ground for violence and aggression born out of ideological differences.

Adding to the primary motivation of his social consciousness was the erstwhile Ramjas college turmoil; an incident that shed light on things, which he would have otherwise not realized.

Living in a society where people with strong personal beliefs are considered Right wing or conservative, he believes it is hard to have rock solid beliefs.

He credits the incident for being a life changing experience that revealed the deep thinker and the empathetic side of him.

Incidentally, it also brought out the writer in him as he frequently documented his thoughts on the incident to words.

He wanted to ensure fellow youngsters start thinking consciously, take intelligent decisions and not be subjected to the wrath of such environment.

Vaibhav said, "It is every youngster's prerogative to help the environment around them grow in positive light." Vaibhav, is one youngster that sets the tone on how it is possible for the youth to experience an awakening and express themselves sans aggression amidst unpleasant trysts and circumstances.

Source: ANI