Video of ‘sweet maggi’ with hilarious meme goes viral

New Delhi, Sep 17 : A new video of 'sweet maggi' has recently surfaced on social media platforms such as Twitter, and has gone viral with hilarious memes, jokes, videos and GIFs.

The recipe shows the noodles being prepared, not with water, but with milk, rose petals and other ingredients.

The maggi preparation ends up looking like 'kheer'.

The video of 'sweet maggi' is currently being circulated by netizens on Twitter with several reactions, videos, memes and jokes.

Here are some funny tweets on the 'sweet maggi' video:

A person with a username @unuj tweeted: "Sweet #Maggi !?! What's next? Namkeen Jalebi? #FO."

Another Twitter user posted the 'sweet maggi' video with a caption: "Here's how to ruin Maggi with each step!."

"One ingredient is missing in this recipe .tht is poison ...," another tweet read.

A woman on Twitter with the username @Grlwithdimples wrote: "Ab mai 1 mahine tak Maggie nhi kha paungi."

"Maggi ko kheer bana diya.

China suicide kar lega ae Dekh ke," another user tweeted.

A person shared the video with a caption: "She forgot to add cinnamon (and) elaichi powder ?? could have been perfect kheer."

So far, the video of 'sweet maggi' has received over 963 retweets and 2.8K likes on Twitter.--IANS


Source: IANS