Vijayan asks Keralites to stay cautious as Covid spreads

Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 16 : Lauding Kerala's people for showing restraint and following Covid protocols, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday said that such strict caution should continue, otherwise things will go out of hand.

Speaking to the media here, Vijayan noted that studies have shown that till the arrival of vaccines, use of masks has to be continued and a second wave of the disease is around the corner in Middle East and Europe.

"In our state on Tuesday, 3,215 people turned Covid positive, while 2,532 turned negative.

At no cost, should lethargy step in and there should be no relaxation in the caution that we all exercised.

Already from several quarters, a feeling is there, come what may, if it comes, let it come. This attitude is dangerous," he said.

Taking a dig at the Congress and the BJP who are out in the streets protesting on various issues, Vijayan said that at times one feels, they are out to create trouble to see bad times come.

"These protesters do not wear masks, do not maintain social distancing and are engaged in taking on the police.

They are not just endangering their own safety, but of the society at large. This will not be allowed, as this is a concerted approach to cause harm. The lives of the common people cannot be put at risk to score political brownie points. We will not allow this to happen," he said.

Vijayan said that with all this happening, the police force which was engaged in fighting Covid, is now having to do their regular job, consequent to the increase in protests.

"We have decided that we would need more people and all those willing to extend a helping hand to help the Covid would be welcome and they will be attached with the police," he added.

On Tuesday, the state had 31,156 active cases, while 82,345 people have so far been cured.

Twelve new deaths were reported, taking the toll to 466.

In the past 24 hours, 41,054 samples was tested.

Across the state, 2,08,141 people are under observation, including 22,627 in hospitals, while the state has 617 hotspots.



Source: IANS