Viola Davis shares her ‘only’ childhood photo

Washington D.C. [USA], Mar. 5 : In an emotional post on her social media, the Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis revealed why she is sharing the 'only' childhood photo she has- a reflection of her impoverished life growing up in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

"#FlashbackFriday," she captioned the throwback, sharing a quote from her interview with People magazine.

"The only picture I have of my childhood is the picture of me in kindergarten. I have this expression on my face-it's not a smile, it's not a frown. I swear to you, that's the girl who wakes up in the morning and who looks around her house and her life saying, 'I cannot believe how God has blessed me.'" "I was one of those kids who were poor and knew it," she said, reflecting on her childhood.

"Our environment, our physical space reflected our income. [At home] the boards were coming off the walls [and there was] shoddy plumbing and no phone and no food and rats and all of that.

That very much was visible to me." "I would jump in trash bins with maggots looking for food, and I would steal from the corner store because I was hungry.

I never had any kids come to my house because my house was a condemned building, it was boarded up, it was infested with rats.

I was one of those kids who were poor and knew it," she explained to the publication. Fast forward to 2017, Viola stepped onto the Oscars' stage and took home her very first Oscar trophy for Best Supporting Actress for her work in 'Fences'.

Moreover, Davis is the first black woman to ever be nominated for three Academy Awards..

Source: ANI