Warne, Slater, Pietersen fined after seatbelt slip-up

Melbourne [Australia], Nov. 22 : Former Test players Shane Warne, Michael Slater and Kevin Pietersen have been slapped with a fine of USD 300 each by the Tasmanian Police for not wearing seatbelts during a recent visit to Hobart.

Last week, Warne had posted a four-minute video on his official Facebook page showing the trio in a van along with former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy and former national skipper Mark Taylor.

"The infringements for failing to wear a seatbelt were issued after police reviewed a video posted on one of the men's Facebook page," the police was quoted as saying by news.com.au.

However, after filming the minutes for a couple of minutes, the former cricketers realised their mistake and fastened their seatbelts.

The former Australian leg-spinner had streamed the video live on Facebook during the second Test in Tasmania.

In the video, Taylor who was driving the van and Healy, the front seat passenger, can be seen have themselves buckled up.

The driver, former Australian skipper Mark Taylor, and front seat passenger Healy, both had their seatbelts fastened.

"Tasmania Police remind motorists that seatbelts save lives and urge drivers to insist their passengers buckle up too," police said.

Source: ANI