We might be witnessing the end of democracy: Russell Brand

London [UK], May 15 : Russell Brand, who has been quite active in political campaigns since some years now, feels that the UK might be witnessing the end of democracy.

In an interview with NME, the 41-year-old-actor shared that his thoughts on voting are evolving. The actor said, "My opinion on voting is evolving. We might be witnessing the end of democracy, although it may be hard to observe in the timeframe of one human life." According to The Independent, 'Get him to the Greek' star also said that the pledges Labour Party are making are "weird".

"It makes you question whether any real change can be delivered. Having said that, if you listen to the pledges that the Labour Party are making, they are talking about collecting corporate taxes, cancelling tuition fees, getting rid of zero-hour contracts.

Which is weird, because it was only two years ago that there were two centrist parties," the actor noted.

During the 2015 election, Brand was outspoken, interviewing Labour's Ed Miliband - for which the leader received much criticism - and endorsing the left-leaning party.

Source: ANI