Sambhal: Village barbers devise unique way to resolve community conflict

Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 15 : Fatehpur village barbers in Sambhal have adopted a unique way to put an end to the infighting in the village, and have been refusing to tend to their customers for the past two months.

The situation escalated rapidly after two young men, Viresh and Suresh from the Balmiki community approached a barber for service.

Unaware that the Balmiki community is strictly prohibited from shaving and hair dressing, the shopkeeper who had recently started his practice, tended to the men.

This resulted in a backlash from the community following which Asif, the shop owner stopped catering to the Balmiki community.

Two months after the incident, Viresh approached Asif yet again and lodged a police complaint against him after his refusal escalated the situation to a physical brawl.

The Balmiki community alleged that the barber was discriminating against them. In a bid to resolve the matter, the barber community has since then halted their services. The villagers have now been reduced to a staggering travelling 12 kilometre just to get shaved and their hair cut!.

Source: ANI