Web-series still not a go-to platform for newbies: Actor Shishir Sharma

By A.Kameshwari New Delhi, Aug 19 : With the viewership shifting slowly from the television and 70mm screen to the web-screen, the horizon of experiment for actors has increased.

However, actor Shishir Sharma, who has seen the best of both worlds, believes that aspiring actors might not be interested in exploring the newly popularised web world.

"I am not sure if newbie actors will want to make their debut on web screen. The reason is also because of the unknown exposure in the web world and even the money is not that great in the beginning," he told ANI.

On being asked if the scenario is undergoing a change since a lot of web-series have gained immense popularity amongst the crowd, the actor said, "It is way better now because of the corporate coming in and tying up with the production houses.

For example, Ola tying up with TVF. But as far as aspiring actors are to be considered, they would still want to make a big break through." The 'Mary Kom' actor feels extremely lucky to be a part of The Viral Fever's most popular series 'Permanent Roommates'.

The series, which did well, has got a lot of recognition for the actors both domestically and overseas.

Source: ANI