When catching ’em all gets lonesome, get yourself PokeDate

London, Jul 21 : Pokemon GO fans, if you care more about Pikachus than your non-gamer partner, then there is a dating service that will help you catch true love. To become a member of PokeDates, one needs to sign up to the website, answer a few questions about his/her ideal partner and then fill in a schedule of when you're free to go Pokehunting, the mirror reports. The dating service then pairs up applicants and sends them both a time and location, near a Pokestop or gym, to meet and play the game. While the first PokeDate won't cost you if you use the promo code "POKEDATES2016," you'll have to pay 20 dollars for each succeeding date. PokeDates is created by an existing dating site called Project Fixup, whose selling point is that it uses hand, not algorithm, to match applicants. For those unaware, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality smartphone game from Nintendo that lets players hunt Pokemon characters in the real world. It is available for both Android and iPhones and was an instant hit when released across the world.