When Mulayam decided lunch time for LS

New Delhi, Feb 4 : The Lok Sabha on Tuesday appeared divided even on the 'Lunch Time' for the members.

After the zero hour mentions, when Speaker Om Birla, around 1.15 p.m., announced adjournment for lunch, some members refused.

They opposed the time of the announcement and said that lunch should be skipped.

A few Congress members asserted that the House should continue its business and drop the idea to go for lunch.

Amid uproar, Asaduddin Owaisi of the AIMIM suggested the Speaker should get the members to vote on the Luch timing -- whether the House should skip the lunch.

Om Birla amused by the turn of events, then suggested that the "important decision should be left on senior leader Mulayam Singh".

The Samajwadi Party patron, who was seating in the front row of the opposition benches then stood up and smiled.

The Speaker said: "Mulayam Singhji, lunch hona chahiye ya nahi ...lunch zaroori hai ya nahi.

Aap decide kar de aaj (Should there be lunch? Is lunch important or not? You decide it for the House today?"

The happy-looking septugenarian said: "Bahut zaroori hai (Its very important)."

The entire House most willingly accepted the senior leader's decision.

It was then the Speaker finally announced that the House was adjourned for lunch.



Source: IANS