Why Gaurav Gera loves the internet as a comic artiste

Mumbai, Aug 13 : Actor-comedian Gaurav Gera, who has been tickling the funny bone of people with his online videos, loves the internet because the medium let him experiment with a variety of roles.

"I have realised my potential of playing different characters over time.

I love to get into different roles and characters. Playing one character is boring. I believe in versatility," Gaurav told IANS.

"Even in 'Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin', I used to tell my director to allow me to play different roles.

Of course he didn't allow me, as I was playing the role of Nandu," he added.

Gaurav says he loves the internet space because it allows him to experiment with variety.

He started out online in 2010, making funny videos. His characters of Chutki and Shopkeeper enjoy a cult following of sorts in cyber space.

"I have played more than 30 characters in my videos.

Chutki and Shopkeeper became viral five years ago. I feel happy how people give me so much love and appreciate my performances," added Gaurav, who recently featured in the Zee5 show "Bhalla Calling Bhalla", shot entirely during lockdown.



Source: IANS