Witlinger to bring authentic craft experience with state of art breweries, new brewing technologies in India

New Delhi [India], Feb 27 : India's number one craft beer brand Witlinger has launched its authentic taste and flavors with the new initiative #NowRolling to enhance consumer knowledge about craft beer with an engaging impact on the Indian Craft Beer scene.

Craft beer has taken the global beer industry by storm and it is catching up the taste of Indian consumers swiftly.

Though market has great potential, there is a lack of acceptance among Indian consumers for crafted beers due to lack of consumer knowledge.

Though this is changing on fast pace, as young Indian drinkers are ready to experience new flavors and different style of beers.

To create awareness and enhance consumer experience, India's first craft beer brand with its 130 years of legacy along with innovative technologies, Witlinger in an event in New Delhi unveiled its innovative campaign #NowRolling, which also introduced 'Witparty', a fresh concept by Witlinger wherein end users get a chance to organize their own party sponsored by the brand.

#NowRolling campaign is first-of-its-kind concept in India driven on enhancing consumer knowledge and generating awareness on beer drinking habits to create an authentic experience of crafted beers.

The campaign aims to target the beer lovers with interesting awareness drive around craft beer drinking experience.

Rolling of a beer bottle is a craft beer initiative and is mainly with unfiltered wheat beers. Unfiltered beers have ingredients that gets settle at the bottom of the bottle. To enjoy the full flavors and aromas bottle needs to be rolled and swirled before pouring it fully in the glass.

The trained staff and beer experts of Witlinger will take the consumers' experience to whole new level with tips on pouring, drinking, and enjoying the best of craft beer.

"Craft beer has a unique style and taste, which can only be enjoyed if poured right to preserve its aroma, ingredients and feel.

While craft beer the next big thing in India, many people do not get to enjoy the original taste of it because of unawareness on serving and drinking methods.

Witlinger is creating fresh avenues to satiate consumers' growing thirst for craft beer with its innovative concepts like 'Witparty' and #NowRolling," said founder and managing director Kaama Impex Pvt.

Ltd, Anuj Kushwah. 'Witparty' is conceptualized to target the beer lovers as brand advocates and offer them the zesty flavor of Witlinger.

It will give its end users a platform to organize their own witparty which will be supported by the brand.

The Wheat Ale beer is created with a sole idea of providing the Indian consumers with varied and premium quality craft beer.

It is cloudy and partially filtered and has fruity flavors making it easy to drink beer any time of the day.

It is brewed with mix of wheat (and) malt and also contains yeast, which should be evenly distributed throughout the beer by gently rolling the bottle back and forth before opening to pour.

Craft beer offers some important health benefits because it contains antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B complex.

It is a good source of silicon and some recent scientific studies show that hops could act as a barrier against gradual decline of the brain's cognitive functions.

Drinking craft beer regularly in moderate way can provide these benefits because of the high quality ingredients used to brew the craft beer.

Source: ANI