Woman commits suicide with 2 kids after losing husband to Covid

Bengaluru, Oct 2 : In a tragic incident, a housewife committed suicide along with her 15-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter following the death of her husband in Prakruthi Layout area on the outskirts of Bengaluru, the police sources said here on Saturday.

The deceased are identified as Vasantha (40), her son Yashwanth and her daughter Nishvika.

Vasantha had lost her husband Prasanna Kumar, a BMTC bus driver cum conductor to the coronavirus last year.

The incident came to light on Friday evening when Vasantha's brother came home when his calls were not answered.

The police recovered a long suicide note written by Vasantha wherein she has explained how her life has changed after the death of her husband Prasanna Kumar due to Covid-19.

In the death note, she has mentioned that after the death of her husband she was fearful, anxious and directionless.

"Every day I am living like a dead person after I lost my husband. There is no one in the world to look up to. I came to know about this hard truth and we are ending lives," the letter said.

"It is not possible for me to forget my husband and move on in life.

Without him, though I am alive, but only in flesh and blood. I tried my best, but not able to find answers to questions on who will stand by us. None are bothered about my children, they have not even shown an iota of affection. We don't want to live in this bad world," Vasantha has written in the suicide note.

"There was a loan and responsibility of children.

The loan could be cleared after selling the house owned by us. It is not only the money that matters in life. Relatives are talking that there was no problem to lead a life without him. But, it is not easy after the death of my husband. If someone could have given us little love and affection we would not have taken this extreme step," the suicide note claimed.

Police said that Vasantha was suffering from depression.

Her brother had sent her mother Tayavva to stay with her. But, Vasantha ended life when Tayavva had gone to visit a doctor.

Police also said that Vasantha had convinced her children that she would take them to the place of their father and mentioned it in the death note.

The bodies of Vasantha and daughter Nishvika were found hanging together and her son's body was found hanging separately.

The investigation is on.



Source: IANS