Women activist backs Muslim girl trolled for singing Hindu devotional song

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) [India], Mar. 8 : Supporting Muslim girl Suhana Syeed who was trolled on the social media for singing a Hindu devotional song in a Kannada singing reality show, women activist Brinda Adige on Wednesday said the former is actually unifying different religions together and added radical men are, therefore, jealous.

"She should continue to showcase her talent and because she is breaking a path, the people are jealous especially the radical men in Islam.

She should not be bothered by them," Adige told ANI. She further said that the people, who are condemning and trolling her on the social media, need to understand Islam is a beautiful religion.

"She is actually unifying different religions together. Why would the radical men speak ill of her? They must not use religion to subjugate anybody," Adige asserted.

She further said all people trolling Suhana on the social media should be booked for stalking. "Why can't they look at her as an independent person and not only as a 'woman'? Why can't they follow Islam as Islam teaches them to be, to be peaceful, peace loving and respectful to women?" she asked.

She emphasized the United Nation's slogan this year is "be bold for a change". "I am very happy that this girl has portrayed her talent, her talent of music and her talent to sing. This should be appreciated by everybody," she said. Suhana Sayeed sang a Hindu devotional song in a Kannada singing reality show where her performance was much appreciated by the judges.

Kannada music director Arjun Janya said she stood as a symbol of unity and showed to the world how all religions can remain in peace and harmony through music.

However, a Facebook page called Mangalore Muslims began trolling her and called her a disgrace to the community.

They said she has tarnished the Muslim community by singing before men. "You have not achieved a great feat. People who learn the Quran in 6 months are the real achievers. Your parents will not go to heaven (Jannat) as you have exposed your beauty to other men. Stop wearing the pardah as you don't how to respect it," read a comment on the page..

Source: ANI