Women activists for action in para-athlete’s harassment incident

New Delhi [India], June 11 : The women activists on Sunday condemned the incident where a national level weightlifter was unheard by the police when she went to report a complaint against alleged harassment and urged the authorities to bring guilty to book.

"The police of Agra is waiting for her to be get raped or murdered then they will take action. This is not the first case. The police generally do not pay heed to women complainants," said Raja. Asserting that the police not only ignore the complaint but also discourage the women, she said the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister should now speak on this.

Toeing similar opinions, another woman activist Ruby Mukherjee urged for swift action to avert any untoward event.

"The police must take very serious action and very soon. I request the administration and police to be sympathetic towards women. She is a weightlifter she cannot fight with goons," said Mukherjee. A national-level weightlifter has alleged that she is not being heard by the police and the authorities over being troubled by men in Agra.

National-level athlete Heena Usmani said she has been harassed and passed offensive comments by local men.

She also said that the men were threatening her. The incident took place in the Shahganj area and came to light when Heena and her family visited the Senior Superintendent of Police's (SSP) office to complain about the local police who were supposedly favouring the accused.

Heena said, "After we filed an FIR against the accused Sanjay Kumar, he filed a counter FIR accusing us of robbery." The incident reportedly took place on May 30 when Heena's younger brother was visiting his friend's place where a man named Sanjay, who often stalked her made lewd comments to instigate her brother.

Source: ANI