Working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali ‘feels like a sapna’: Nayan Shukla

Mumbai, Feb 3 : Actress Nayan Shukla, who will soon be seen in filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's production Tuesdays And Fridays, says working with the renowned filmmaker was a dream come true.

Last seen in the web series Masaba Masaba, this is Nayan's second project.

"It feels like a 'sapna' on most days," she gushes about working in a Bhansali project, adding: "The wait is getting over as the date of the film's release comes closer.

He's someone who is centred and humane, apart from being the biggest banner himself."

She fondly recalls meeting him the first time: "He said, 'I've been wanting to meet you', and I replied, 'can I record that Sanjay ji?!' He laughed out hard.

That initial laughter was the breaking point of a long interaction."

Coming from a non-film background, Nayan doesn't participate in the debate of nepotism.

"If I were to be the daughter of the owner of a boutique I would naturally be next line to own the name.

Such is the nature of business. What's the point of bleating about it? Everyone has to hustle and prove their mettle whether in this industry or not.

I personally feel we must continue to carry out dialogues and meet more people. Eventually, one will arrive and be noticed," she says.

Nayan plays a stylist in the film, who is a friend of the female lead. How did she get ready for the role?

"Stylists are a crucial part of showbiz and so many people are preferring stylists at weddings and social gathering, and some also for daily affairs.

I am grateful that I have been styled by some really innovative stylists over time, which in turn proved to be very useful in my preparation for the role," she says.

Nayan is currently also preparing for the second season of Masaba Masaba.



Source: IANS