‘Wrote letter because AAP Govt. is in denial mode,’ says Yogendra Yadav

New Delhi [India], Aug. 31 : Rebel AAP leader and now Swaraj Abhiyan crusader Yogendra Yadav has said that he wrote the scathing letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on concealing information regarding liquor licenses given to shops and restaurants because the latter's government is in denial mode.

"Because the government is in denial, that's why I have written (the letter) to challenge the Chief Minister to say that if the Deputy Chief Minister (Manish Sisodia) is correct and our allegations are wrong.

If you want to refute us, please do so, otherwise we shall say that what we are saying is true," Yadav told ANI.

He has asked Kejriwal to refute his claims by September 2. Yadav said they have been trying for weeks to dig out all the information over the issuance of new licenses by the AAP Government and have finally released the entire list with name, address, license and number, and added "we are waiting for the government to respond." "The deputy chief minister says on the floor of the house and to the media that only six new licenses have been given since the new government came to power.

(But) There own RTIs' initially said 58, then said 217, and then, we dug deeper. We asked a question on the floor of the house and got the entire list. That's when the truth emerged," said Yadav. He said on analyzing the list they found that 399 fresh licenses have been issued for the retail sale of liquor by the Aam Aadmi Party government which is in stark contrast to the number being presented by Sisodia.

"For every one working day, this government has issued more than one licence," he said. He also said that he will withdraw himself from public life if the AAP can refute his claims. Yadav, in his letter on Tuesday, asked Kejriwal to offer an apology to the people of Delhi for the government's failure to keep its promises while seeking replies to his questions.

Source: ANI