Yogendra Yadav questions ‘inaction’ against Varun Gandhi for spilling defence secrets

New Delhi [India], Oct 21 : Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav on Friday hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for not taking action against party MP Varun Gandhi for allegedly leaking sensitive information about defence deals, asserting that the saffron party is not taking any action in the matter to safe guard their own.

Yadav added that the BJP has also not been able to take action in the case because if it taken cognisance of the wrong doings in the issue, then it would have not been able to strike the Rafale deal with the company.

"In the year 2005 under the Congress regime Submarine were purchased and all know that this deal was made in an unfair manner.

The whole country knows that the wrong doing in this deal was camouflaged by the CBI and the then Congress government.

The question is why this case has not been opened under the BJP regime," Yadav told ANI here. "Why no action was taken against Abhishek Verma who was accused then. I guess the BJP did not take action because their own MP is involved and second if the saffron party would have taken action against in this case, then it would have not been able to strike the Rafale aircraft deal with the same company," he added.

Meanwhile, Gandhi has threatened to file a criminal defamation suit against senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan and Allen, who claimed that he was honey-trapped and compromised by arms dealer Abhishek Verma.

"Prashant Bhushan's allegations are baseless; will file a defamation lawsuit against him," he said. According to reports, a US-based lawyer C Edmonds Allen has alleged that his former business partner and controversial arms dealer Abhishek Verma honey-trapped BJP MP Varun Gandhi and some senior military officers with foreign sex workers to extract sensitive information about defence deals.

Allen has alleged that Gandhi, as member of the parliamentary defence committee, had access to information that was shared with Verma to "compromise national security'." The seven-page letter goes on to say that the BJP MP stood "compromised" because of his pictures with foreign escorts and prostitutes.

Source: ANI