Gulliver’s Travels

Page No : 2
gulliver4 The Lilliputians changed their thought that Gulliver was a giant sent to destroy them. They now began to trust him. The King made an offer to Gulliver. If Gulliver helped the country he would be unchained and treated well. During the army parade on the occasion of the King’s birthday celebrations, Gulliver was made to stand like a huge arch.
One day the tall Gulliver saw the ships being made ready in the neighbouring Blefuscu to wage a war on Lilliput. Blefuscu declared a war on Lilliput. Gulliver wanted to foil their attempts. He walked through the water and tied each ship with a piece of rope. He destroyed the whole fleet with one pull. gulliver5
gulliver6 The King of Lilliput declared Gulliver a national hero. His countrymen paid homage to this hero for saving their country. Ambassadors from Blefuscu came to meet the King of Lilliput with a peace plan. But the King wanted to make the Blefuscudians his slaves. Gulliver intervened and brought about a just treaty.
Now the King of Lilliput suspected Gulliver’s loyalty. His members advised him to kill Gulliver as they felt that he was becoming dangerous. Having come to know about the plot, Gulliver decided to leave Lilliput immediately and informed the King about his decision. gulliver7

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