Balochs want India’s direct intervention in Balochistan: BRP

Geneva [Switzerland], Sept. 14 : The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has said their leaders are seeking asylum in India as they want New Delhi's direct intervention on the Balochistan issue just like it assisted East Pakistan in 1971 to gain freedom against West Pakistan (now Pakistan).

"We think it is an absolutely right decision (to seek asylum in India). It is our neighbouring country and it is a responsible country. It is its responsibility to protect and rescue us from atrocities like they did in the year 1971. It should similarly help the Baloch community and intervene directly to protect it," BRP spokesperson Sher Mohammad Bugti told ANI.

He said the Baloch leaders and activists living abroad are facing problems regarding asylum in Europe as the process there has become too lengthy, adding Baloch Republican Party chief Brahumdagh Khan Bugti is not able to travel because he has not been given travel documents.

"If he is unable to travel than it's all in vain," said Sher Mohammad arguing Brahumdagh needs travel documents so that he can travel, meet people and globally highlight the atrocities on the Baloch community and the human rights violations by Pakistani forces.

"If travel documents are not there, it will be difficult to internationally highlight the Baloch cause.

That is why Baloch leaders want to now seek asylum in India so that they can get travel documents," he added.

When asked as to why many Baloch people are unable to get an asylum in other countries, he said, "Every nation has its own interests.

Many nations don't get threatened by Pakistan or its warnings, but instead believe in humanity and thus many have received asylum.

Norway, Sweden, UK they have provided asylum to many on the basis that Balochs are victims of genocide and face life threats.

Different countries deal with it in different ways." Responding to how the condition in Balochistan has changed after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on Balochistan in his Independence Day address on August 15, Bugti said, "After August 15, they (Pakistan) have intensified the bloodshed and operations in the entire Balochistan especially Dera Bugti.

There have been around 100 to 150 causalities and some 200 to 300 people have been kidnapped, majority of whom are women." He added that the injured are being denied proper medical treatment and those killed are not being allowed to be buried.

"The dead bodies of those dead are not being released for burial. The region has started smelling. And when they are buried, they are not given a proper burial," he said. He also alleged that the faces of those killed are distorted so that they cannot be recognized by their relatives and many families don't even know whether their missing relatives are alive or dead.

"They just want to wipe out the entire Baloch community and grab their land. Secondly, the population in Punjab is alarming and they want to shift the populace in Punjab to Balochistan," he added.

Source: ANI